Our History

Our History

Our History

From New York To North Carolina

From New York
To North Carolina

Working as a psychology student at St. Vincent’s Hospital in his early 20s, Richard Tabor would have never imagined where life might have taken him. Born and raised in New York City, he was surrounded by an abundance of niche cuisine and a rich coffee culture that existed throughout Greenwich Village. Unbeknownst to him, these seemingly normal surroundings would have a life changing impact upon him. Interestingly enough, he soon found his way down to North Carolina by following an unlikely passion: glass blowing, something he was introduced to in New York through an old girlfriend.

Though his love for glass blowing persisted, he was at the time still living the life of a poor student. This in turn led him to the café scene he was previously familiar with, where he in the hopes of making some money, began his journey into the world of espresso; and it turned out-he loved espresso.

However, long before he became an espresso machine expert, and an expert espresso maker, Tabor opened a café on West Franklin Street (in Chapel Hill, NC) called The Aurora Be Mine. It opened its doors in 1974 serving omelets, homemade pastries, and quality coffee drinks each night from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. in the morning.

While the café itself only lasted a few months, it led to the creation of Aurora, a higher-end eatery also on Franklin Street, which thrived throughout the early 1980s. Some believe these ventures played a role in establishing central North Carolina as a foodie haven.

After enjoying running his own successful restaurant, Tabor sought to help others create something for themselves by selling and servicing everything espresso. He was also responsible for the creation of many espresso blends that became popular throughout the south. This was perhaps the beginning of the coffee scene in the Triangle. Tabor, known to his friends as Dick, is a perfectionist with a passion for crema caffé, or creamy coffee. For decades, he has helped improve coffee at some of North Carolinas best-known restaurants and cafes.

Tabor Espresso is located in a warehouse space in Greensboro, NC. The front office is a showroom where espresso machines, some worth as much as $25,000, sit sparkling like new cars. Each machine is properly calibrated, cleaned, and functioning before they are installed.

Today and Tomorrow

Fast forward to today. You too may find yourself as a young student or eager entrepreneur. You could be living in a sprawling city such as New York or even in a tiny country town of North Carolina. Wherever you are, we at Tabor Espresso know and understand that life can take us to places never dreamt of.

The joyfulness of these places does not directly reside in their location but in the subtle seemingly normal surroundings of each day.

Something as small as one piece of glass, a tiny restaurant open during the late hours of the night, or even a single cup of coffee has the power to bring about life changing joy. These things are to be treasured and appreciated for their impact that they give to those who made them as well as to everyone who may enjoy them.

No matter your age or experience level, we at Tabor Espresso are here to ensure that we do the absolute best we can to help you. For us, this means offering the highest quality selection of coffee, tea, equipment, and service that is possible. Journey with us and together we will transform moments into memories; dreams into realities.